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OXON’s COVID-19 Research Programme-the role of comparative observational studies


The NEJM and The Lancet on 06 June retracted two non-randomised comparative studies, of anti-hypertensive therapy and hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for the treatment of COVID-19, respectively.

WHO reported on 03 June that the hydroxychloroquine arm of the SOLIDARITY trial will continue following review by the data monitoring committee.

OXON Epidemiology leads a group of international European academics and clinicians to conduct the ‘RAPID COVID-19′ research programme of hospitalised COVID-19 patients:

  1. Retrospective cohort analyses of a large dataset from a network of hospitals to evaluate the clinical effectiveness and safety of medications and determine prognostic factors.
  2. Real-time systematic reviews and meta-analyses of non-randomised treatment comparisons.
  3. Comparison of treatment effects in RCTS and non-randomised studies.

Driven by an international study team which includes a Professor of Medical Statistics who is a member of the DISCOVERY trial Data Monitoring Committee, our research (on international registers) is detailed on our Covid-19 Research Programme website.

We welcome collaboration, including sharing our experience, with pharma companies involved in COVID-19.  

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