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Key Strengths

OXON’s Key Strengths

“OXON invests in building and upgrading infrastructure, top talent, and compliant processes to provide more efficient and safer studies to our sponsors”

Global Reach

“We count on the necessary resources to cover a wide variety of observational studies worldwide”

 • Offices in Spain and the UK with regional resources and a commercial site in the US
• A long-term alliance with the 10th largest global CRO, whose staff in 47 countries provide OXON with local expertise to conduct studies of all sizes and complexity worldwide
• We also work with subcontractors and vendors on an as-needed basis to deliver the most effective and efficient solutions.



“We unite expertise and resources to provide clients with the best real-world data possible”

• Senior staff that combine epidemiological, statistical and clinical experience with operational experience
• Relationships with many hospital departments and general practitioners
• Links with EMA regulators: ENCePP Steering Group and Co-ordinator of the Special Interest Group to measure the impact of risk minimisation actions
• Links with PRAC members
• Renowned consultants on retainers. 



“We have a validated bespoke electronic data capture (EDC) software specifically built for observational studies”

With our EDC we ensure user-friendliness and flexibility for retrospective, prospective and cross-sectional studies, and risk minimisation surveys.

This application of novel methodological and statistical developments was articulated in conjunction with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Its functionality and design provide an ease-of-use model that is welcomed by investigators, and which we can customize to our clients’ needs.


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