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OXON’s bespoke electronic data capture system (EDC) provides support to multilingual global observational studies. It makes all tasks easier for investigators and sponsors by simplifying the data entry process and their analysis. 

Easy and friendly interface

OXON’s EDC is a web-based application that provides support to multilingual global observational studies. Its friendly and easy-to-use user interface is meant to reduce time, cost, data errors and therefore, enhance the quality of the information collected.  

Secure and reliable

OXON’s EDC is developed under the highest quality standards and is 21 CRF Part 11 compliant. Our servers are based on a fibre optic infrastructure and data are backed up automatically to 2 data centres with a retention of 30 days. 

Powerful and intuitive

OXON’s EDC allows immediate visualization of data and graphics. Thanks to its guided data entry, users can access quickly and in real time to the study data and reports and perform their data management projects in a faster and cost-effective way.

Key features

• Friendly and easy-to-use interface. The interface provides data collection forms that aim to closely resemble the paper forms.
• Easy to learn. The EDC’s simplicity makes it an easy yet powerful tool to use by sites and study users alike, with minimal training requirements.
• Guided data entry. Designed to ensure permitted sequencing of steps and events.
• Data quality. Filters, automatic queries and built-in edit checks, as well as alerts, and colour indications highlight discrepancies or determine the validity and integrity of input data.
• Real-time access. Immediate access to data and graphics.
• Real-time study metrics reporting. Online reports for quick decision-making.
• Remote site monitoring. The eCRFs can be remotely monitored, locked, and signed, minimizing the need for on-site monitoring.
• Queries management module. Manual or system-generated management to significantly decrease the turnaround time for data clarification.
• Download of data. Data export in CSV format, that can be easily exported to common data-analysis software.
• PDF generation. eCRFs PDF version for printing.

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